Did you know that all items on earth emit and produce a visible image? Infrared (IR) thermography utilizes camera-like imagers to capture the non-visible infrared electromagnetic wavelengths. IR imagers can detect different surface temperatures and render a visual image of the thermal pattern much like a digital photograph. With IR Thermography, inspectors can identify thermal patterns that may indicate air and water leakage, hot electrical connections and insulation abnormalities.   

In order to effectively utilize IR technology, you must have a have a trained Infrared Thermographer who is knowledgeable of both the object being viewed with the imager, and the ability to properly interpret the visual image produced by the IR imager.   

Xanwood IR Thermographers have been properly trained to use IR imagers properly. Our IR training coupled with our longstanding knowledge of how buildings are constructed enables us to offer more value to our clients. To learn more, contact AmeriSpec Inspection Services.



We've been in business for more than 25 years, and our well-trained inspectors provide thorough, detailed home inspections that can be augmented with a variety of other applicable inspections like pools, spas, septic systems and more.

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