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We've been in business for more than 25 years, and our well-trained inspectors provide thorough, detailed home inspections that can be augmented with a variety of other applicable inspections like pools, spas, septic systems and more.

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Phase Inspection Process

There are three opportunities available during the building cycle that are recommended to have XanWood evaluate and report on the workmanship and construction of your new home.

The standard 3 phase inspection process is utilized to ensure that major construction defects within your home are not covered up.

There is a market for these types of inspections for a reason. Additionally, most high-quality home builders fully welcome a third-party inspection. The new construction phase inspection is conducted at three separate times;

  • The first inspection should be conducted prior to your concrete being poured (Pre-pour Inspection)
  • The second inspection takes place prior to the interior walls and insulation being installed (Framing Inspection)
  • The final inspection takes place after the home is complete, usually around the time of your initial “Blue tape” walk-through (Final Inspection).


When to Schedule the Foundation Inspection

It takes time to coordinate with concrete companies for the required concrete for your foundation. That means, your builder knows a few days in advance when they plan of pouring. The best time for the pre-pour inspection is typically two days prior to the actual pour day. This will help ensure that the foundation is ready to inspect, as well as give the builder sufficient enough time to make any and all needed corrections, or postpone the pour day. Additionally, this will allow you some time to re-inspect the repairs prior to pour day.